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Useful information on Oleron Island

Bus routes

To circulate through the island

During the summer season, three shuttle buses operate between Le Château and Saint-Trojan, between La Cotinière and Boyardville and between Saint-Denis and Saint-Pierre.

To access the island of Oleron

Keolis Littoral serves Oleron Island from train stations in the vicinity:

Saint-Pierre d'Oléron is connected by an express bus to Surgères in 1h45.

Another line, the bus route 23, connects Saint-Pierre, Le Château and Dolus to La Rochelle in 1h50. It has two daily departures allowing a connection with high speed trains (TGV) to Poitiers and Paris.

Maritime Routes to/from the Mainland

From La Rochelle, Marennes, Bourcefranc-le-Chapus or la Tremblade, it is possible to reach Oleron by sea thanks to maritime companies.

A fast boat goes from Boyardville to La Rochelle in fifty minutes from March to September and during the winter school holidays. This boat sails daily during the summer season.

Tourist Offices

Tourist offices sites provide the major services offered by each district.

In particular, they list hotels, restaurants, camp sites, and other accommodation and eating possibilities. They can also provide a list of houses to rent.

Food markets

Twelve food markets are held every day during the summer in the main villages of each district of the island and in Boyardville, Chéray, Domino and La Cotinière.


Below are reported some anecdotes and curiosities about the island of Oleron.

Origin of the name "Oleron"

A possible etymological origin of the island name might be "Insula Olerum", meaning "the island of perfumes".


When the storm of 1999 happened, the wind blew strongest in France in the island of Oleron, with a speed of 198 km/h (123 mph).

Bridges and tunnels

Since the late nineteenth century, several projects to connect the island to the mainland were designed but not accomplished.

Among them was a railway tunnel due to Jules Fleury.

Rivalries between north and south

Until the first half of last century, a rather strong rivalry existed between north and south of the island.

A UFO in the sky

The UFO seen in the sky the first day of 2010 was actually a Thai lantern dropped by tourists coming from Holland.

Orleans Island

Orleans Island, near Quebec City, has striking geographical and cultural similarities with the island of Oleron. An association is being formed to work to their rapprochement.

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