sea rolls on Oleron Island

Beaches to the east of Oleron island

We are going to do a clockwise tour of the island from the Chassiron lighthouse. Most of the beaches have fine sand, some have rocks. It is not possible to list them all and the list below, far from being exhaustive, is limited to the ones made of fine sand.

The East coast of the island, facing Pertuis d'Antioche, offers a calmer sea than the West coast which is open to the ocean.

Dogs are not allowed on most beaches of the island in July and August. Thus, pet owners must read the information panels located near the beaches before accessing them with their dogs.

Towards Pertuis d'Antioche


On the North of the island, in Saint-Denis d'Oléron district, two fine sand beaches can be found: Boirie and Soubregeon.

The beach called Soubregeon is separated from the village by the municipal campground. Thus, its environment is preserved despite being near the center of Saint-Denis. From the marina, a pedestrian walkway provides access to this beach.

On the other side of the marina, Boirie beach is remarkable for its painted wood cabins. It is supervised during the summer season. This beach has been distinguished by the label "Blue Flag" in 2016. It hosts a sailing club.

La Brée-les-Bains

La Brée-les-Bains sea front is typical of seaside resorts. Lined with cypresses, it is four kilometers (2.5 miles) long.

Swimming is possible three hours before and after high tide. Shore fishing can be done at low tide. A club welcomes children. Near the beach, some areas are dedicated to the pétanque game.

Walking eastward after the point of Boulassiers, wilder beaches follow one another to the port of Douhet. This walk is easier at low tide but crossing some rocks is however necessary.


The beaches listed below are all labeled "Blue Flag" in 2016:

Le Château d'Oléron

Château d'Oléron beach: quiet beach facing the continent. Swimming is only possible at high tide. However, swimming and some water sports can be practiced on an artificial seawater lake located nearby, the "plan d'eau de la Phibie".

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