sea rolls on Oleron Island

Beaches to the south and the west of Oleron

The southern beaches of the island of Oleron are located in the municipality of Saint-Trojan. These three beaches have different orientations, thereby the sun can be enjoyed at any time of day.

Grande-Plage has a more troubled ocean than its neighbours, which are sheltered by the proximity of the continent.

Towards the "coureau d'Oléron"

Towards pertuis de Maumusson

Towards the ocean: the wild coast

The West coast of the island, called "the wild coast" ("la côte sauvage"), is open to the ocean. It offers a less calm sea than the East coast, facing Pertuis d'An­tioche.

The beaches are described from south, Saint-Trojan and Grand-Village, to north, Saint-Denis.


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