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Grand-Village-Plage and Saint-Trojan-les-Bains


Grand-Village has 900 inhabitants, called Grand-Villageois. Its houses are located between marshes and the forest.

The beach is connected to the village by a boulevard that runs through the forest of Saint-Trojan.

The villages of Petit-Village, Trillou and Allassins are part of this district. Petit-Village is located on the edge of salt marshes.

A bit of history

Until the middle of last century, the districts of Saint-Trojan-les-Bains and Grand-Village-Plage were merged.

Thus, the first mayor of Grand-Village-Plage was elected in 1951.

Remarkable places

Port des Salines

The eco-museum at "Port des Salines" presents the operation of a salt pan. It is located near Petit-Village.

From "Port des Salines", it is possible to make a boat trip in a still active salt pan.


There are one hotel and four camping sites in Grand-Village-Plage.


Saint-Trojan-les-Bains has 1,500 inhabitants, called Saint-Trojannais. It was built three hundred years ago on the site of an older village buried under sand dunes.

Saint-Trojan welcomes holidaymakers for more than a century. In its center, some villas are a reminder of early twentieth century seaside resorts.

The mimosa decorating gardens in Saint-Trojan was imported from the Riviera in the late nineteenth century. It is celebrated in February by a cavalcade.

Remarkable places


There are ten hotels, one club and four camping sites in Saint-Trojan.

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