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Saint-Denis d'Oleron and La Bree-les-Bains

Saint-Denis d'Oleron

Saint-Denis d'Oleron is the farthest district from the mainland. The village is located on the east coast, facing the Bay of Biscay.

Agriculture and fishing are the historic economic activities of Saint-Denis, as well as tourism since the early twentieth century. Windmills, fish locks and some old houses that were originally hotels reflect these activities.

Villages and population

Saint-Denis d'Oléron has 1,200 inha­bi­tants, called Dionysiens. The villages of Chassiron and "La Gautrie" at the tip of the island are mainly agricultural.

The village of "Les Huttes", which was built up gradually over the past forty years on the west coast of the island, is also part of this district.

The village of Saint-Denis

The church of the Benedictine priory, in Romanesque style, was built in the twelfth century. Partially destroyed during the wars of religion, it was restored and enlarged in the nineteenth century. Its steeple dates from this period.

A model ship is exposed in the church. This ex-voto is classified as a historical monument.

The Church Square is the vibrant heart of Saint-Denis d'Oleron. A market is held there throughout the year.

Saint-Denis has several old houses, one of which is the "logis Guillotin". Built in the seventeenth century, it belonged to a middle class family of the island.

The marina

The marina, built twenty years ago, can accommodate 750 boats. During the summer, a night market is held at the marina.

On the beach of "La Boirie", near the port, colorful bath cabins can be seen. These are the only cabins on the island of Oleron.

Remarkable places


There are two hotels and twelve camping sites in Saint-Denis.

La Bree-les-Bains

Since the nineteenth century, La Bree-les-Bains is the upper-class seaside resort on the island of Oleron.

His quiet beach, bordered by villas, has always been popular with family vacationers.

Until 1953, La Bree-les-Bains was part of the district of Saint-Georges d'Oleron. The village of La Bree had since then a large expansion, its urbanized areas are now almost reaching those of Saint-Denis.

La Bree-les-Bains has 800 inhabitants, called Brénais.


Agriculture was the key resource of La Bree before the tourist boom of the last thirty years.

The largest company in La Bree, the marine farm of Douhet, is a leading producer of fry in France.

Remarkable places


There are one hotel and three camping sites in La Bree, including one run by the city, renting studios and mobile homes. It is also possible to rent houses for one or more weeks.

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