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The airfield of Oleron Island is located near the hamlet of Bois Fleury, three kilometers north of the village of Saint-Pierre.

It has a grass runway which is one kilometer long. The airfield hosts a flying club, a company organizing helicopter flights and a microlight aircraft association.

A second shorter track is for motorized microlight aircrafts. The three hangars can accommodate forty aircrafts.

A model aircraft club is also present on this airfield.


First flights by plane are organised by the flying club that manages the airport, "Les Ailes Oléronaises".

By plane, the island of Oleron can be discovered from a new angle showing the diversity of its landscapes.

Training can be provided to obtain the basic license or the private pilot license. The club has three aircrafts that can be used by its members.


"Littoral Hélicoptère" offers first flights by helicopter and overflights of the island.

According to the helicopter and the circuit selected, from one to five passengers can board for a flight lasting from a few minutes to three-quarters of an hour.


Light aircraft enthusiasts can contact the "Club ULM Oléronais". Founded more than twenty years ago, the club has three two-seater aircrafts.

A microlight offers more freedom than a traditional plane at a lower cost.

Flying with microlights is also possible from the airfield of Marennes.


"Altitudes" organizes parachute jumps on the island since La Rochelle.

Each month, a weekend of jumps on the island of Oleron is organized. It is possible to have a video recording of the jump.


The vast beaches of the island of Oleron are ideal for practicing kite if their users comply with the security measures for this activity.

To improve their level of practice, the kite school "Envergure Cerfs-volants" gives classes. They are held during the months of July and August in the late afternoon on the spot of the school.

A shop located at the port of La Cotinière offers a wide selection of kites, from simple single-line kites for the youngest to advanced models for experts.

The beauty of these flying wings is not reserved to their drivers, a show of giant kites takes place in the evening.

Movie theaters

Cinema in Saint-Pierre d'Oléron

In Saint-Pierre d'Oléron, the cinema "l'Eldorado" broadcasts throughout the year premiere films.

This cinema has two screens. Two daily sessions are planned. On weekends and during the summer, there may be up to four sessions each day.

Cinema in Saint-Trojan

In downtown Saint-Trojan-les-Bains, the cinema Casino is open from mid-June to mid-September.



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