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Saint-Georges and Saint-Pierre

Saint-Gorges d'Oleron

Saint-Georges has 3,300 inhabitants, called Saint-Georgeais. Saint-Georges is the largest district in Oleron

Its main villages are Boyardville and Chau­cre on the east, Chéray and Domino on the west.

Remarkable places


There are nine hotels and twenty camping sites in Saint-Georges.

Saint-Pierre d'Oleron

Saint-Pierre has 6,200 inhabitants, called Saint-Pierrois.

Saint-Pierre d'Oléron is the French district with the largest number of villages. The main ones are Arceau, La Cotinière, Matha and La Menounière.

A bit of history

French academician Pierre Loti (1850-1923) spent much of his childhood in Saint-Pierre, in the house he called "maison des aïeules" ("house of the grandmothers").

In accordance with the wishes expressed in his will, he was buried in the garden of the house. His tomb can not be visited.

Remarkable places


There are nine hotels and twenty-one camping sites in Saint-Pierre, some of them being in the village of La Cotinière.

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