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Dolus d'Oleron

The district of Dolus d'Oleron is located in the center of Oleron island. It is popular with tourists for its great south-west facing beaches on the Wild Coast.

Villages and population

Dolus has 3,000 inhabitants, called Dolusiens. On some old maps, the name of the township is spelled "Dolut".

The villages called Les Allards, La Perroche, La Rémigeasse and Vert-Bois are part of this district.

Oyster farming is the main activity in the villages east of Dolus. Those located in the west have grown significantly through tourism development.

Remarkable places

Church Saint-André

The Church Saint-André (St. Andrew) was built in the eighteenth century. Its bell tower is covered with slates. In the church, there is a remarkable wooden altarpiece of the seventeenth century.

The church was built on the site of the fifteenth century one which was destroyed in the second half of the sixteenth century during the wars of religion. Vestiges of this first church are visible in the current monument. Attention can be paid to the baptismal fonts.

The steeple of the Church Saint-André has the characteristic shape of Saintonge's bell towers. It houses two bells, one of them is named Seraphine.

Chapel of the Priory Saint-Medard

In the coastal village of La Perroche, there is a beautiful romanesque chapel of the twelfth century which is part of the Priory Saint-Medard.

A path along the chapel leads to the beach of the bay called "anse de la Perroche".

Les Allards

The village of Les Allards is the starting point of the "road of the oysters". This road runs through marshes dedicated to oyster farming.

The channel of Arceau that marks the boundary with Saint-Pierre and the channel of the Baudissière are lined with colorful oyster huts.

Wildlife and recreation parks

Ornithological park

The ornithological park called "Marais aux Oiseaux" is installed in the village of Grissotières. The discovery park is publicly accessible. It includes an educational farm opened to visitors.

Birds and wild animals can be observed from the trail lined with many information panels. A view tower allows observation of wild birds.

The rescue center for wild birds in distress which is part of the park can not be visited, these wounded birds needing tranquility to recover.

Water park

Ileo water park has an indoor pool with a sporty side and outdoor heated pools for recreation.


There are three hotels and ten camping sites in Dolus. It is also possible to rent houses for one or more weeks.

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